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Tropenmuseum Junior

Tropen Junior

Sabi Suriname

A world will open up for you

Extraordinary discovery

There’s been an amazing discovery under the Tropenmuseum! Seven floors below ground level in the Suriname depot a whole new world has opened up. Come to Sabi Suriname and discover it for yourself.

Visitors to Sabi Suriname learn lots about the South American republic of Suriname, its ties to the Netherlands and its network of global links. Take a boat trip through Busi Kondre and play the ‘True of Right?’ game about the things you see on the way. Discover the Surinamese kitchen and go shopping in the toko (store) to buy the ingredients for a delicious Surinamese dish. So where is Sabi Suriname? To get there, you have to venture deep underground and enter a secret world.

Please note: Sabi Suriname is only accessible for Dutch speaking people

Suriname - exhibition Tropenmuseum Junior - Amsterdam

For more than 40 years

The Tropenmuseum Junior was founded in 1975. It’s the oldest children’s museum in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in Europe. It is renowned for its appealing museum concept (seeing, touching, experiencing and participating) and has the general objective of stimulating an open outlook on the world. During their visit children experience that it can be inspiring and enriching to be open to others. 

“The Tropenmuseum Junior is a real experience!
All the senses are aroused!”
Visitor Tim