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Sabi Suriname | Extraordinary discovery

On the seventh floor below ground in the Suriname depot, a previously unknown world has been discovered behind a cupboard: the World behind the Things. What we know so far is that this world only opens for children. Without children there is no access to this world. Even for the director of the museum. The museum is currently investigating whether it is possible to open this World behind the Things to visitors from October onwards. We will let you know via this website and through our social media channels as soon as we know more.

See for more information: Sabi Suriname

Suriname - Exhibition - Tropenmuseum Junior

For more than 40 years

The Tropenmuseum Junior was founded in 1975 and is over 40 years old. It’s the oldest children’s museum in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in Europe. It is renowned for its appealing museum concept (seeing, touching, experiencing and participating) and has the general objective of stimulating an open outlook on the world. During their visit children experience that it can be inspiring and enriching to be open to others. 

“The Tropenmuseum Junior is a real experience!
All the senses are aroused!” (visitor Tim)

Special learning method Tropenmuseum Junior

Tropenmuseum Junior has developed a special learningmethod. Driven by a personal, authentic, comtemporary hands-on collection and multidisciplinary activitities the kids experience different world cultures. More information about the learning method.